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    Home Bar Furniture

    Home entertaining is a trend that is quickly becoming more popular, and an increasing number of people are coming up with ideas on simple, convenient and sophisticated ways to entertain guests.   It is more personal, less expensive and a lot more fun than going to a bar or a restaurant.

    Perfect Home Bars is dedicated to bring you products that fit perfectly into your design, style, and price range.

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    Perfect Home Bars is as eCommerce store that specializes in Home Bars and in general in entertainment furniture such as Home Bars, Bar Stools, Bar and Wine Cabinets, Wine Racks, Bar & Pub Tables, and Game Tables & Chairs. Perfect Home Bars is authorized distributor of over 30 reputable and prestigious manufacturers in the U.S that specialize in this kind of furniture.

    At Perfect Home Bars, our staff works hard every day to bring you a wide selection of top rated products at very competitive prices. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible customer service with fast and courteous response and consistent follow-up, to insure that our customers’ shopping experience is the best.

    We are a boutique store that offers a wide variety of high quality products. Perfect Home Bars features a variety of close to 1000 products just on bar stools alone, so we make it easy to find the perfect product for you. The same goes for our Home Bars and the rest of our product line. However, if for any reason you cannot find the product or style that you want, please contact us and we will find it for you, or create is custom-made.

    We also offer free delivery and upgrade to "white glove service". This is a prime delivery service that takes away all the unpacking, installing and cleaning after the delivery. With white glove delivery service you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Perfect Home Bars is your expert in entertainment furniture. You don’t need to look anywhere else to find the best deal!!!

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    Top picks from our Wine Cabinets

    In the words of Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher “Change is the only constant in life.” We all love change, don’t we? We love the transition from summer to winter, we love the changing phases of the moon, we love the change we feel when we travel to new places, and we love the change when we try a different cuisine altogether. Similarly, sometimes a little change in your home decor can do wonders too. Bring home this season a wave of change into your homes with our finest collection of...

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    How to stock the perfect home bar?

    Home bar culture is getting highly popular among people, many people are adopting this culture according to their status but just by building a home bar your work gets over? No, now it has begun. Building a home bar is just like building a personal library but what’s the purpose of library if you don’t have enough books to fully enjoy it? That’s why you should know instead of sprinting; go slow and steady so that the bar is always full. So here are some tips through which you can...

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    How to choose your perfect home bar?

    Imagine: on a peaceful winter evening, you are sitting in a bar with some close friends in the company of alcohols, enjoying football match of your favorite club. Just thinking about these will give you a warm feeling and in your mind the place might be some posh pub but what if I tell you that all these are possible in your home only? Yes, I am not kidding, now you can convert part of your drawing-room into the bar which has happy hours 24*7. And by alcohol I didn’t...

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    Fourth post coming soon
    Fourth post coming soon

    Check back soon for new product launches, experiences, tips and exclusive offers!

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